Psychotherapy Services in Utah

Vicky Sanico

Virtual Assistant

Hello there! I’m Vicky Sanico, and I’m excited to share a bit about myself. I earned my business degree back in 2001 from Polytechnic University of the Philippines – a proud achievement for me.


In my personal life, I’m happily married and have a wonderful teenage daughter. Home is my happy place, where I enjoy relaxing and spending quality time with my family.


My professional journey kicked off in 2012 at US Auto-Collection, where I spent four years handling calls, assisting customers, and making sure payments went smoothly. Then in 2016 I hopped over to the US Mortgage world, learning all about mortgages from start to finish and dealing with the nitty-gritty of the process and state rules.


I live in the beautiful Philippines with my husband and daughter, and I’m a big fan of good food. Exploring different cuisines brings me joy, and I’ve also made a conscious effort to focus on staying healthy and well.


Nature is another love of mine, and I find peace in simple things like sipping coffee in the morning sunlight. It’s my way of starting the day on a positive note.


Whether at work or in my personal life, helping others is a big part of who I am. I genuinely enjoy interacting with people, making sure I can offer the best assistance possible.


Life is a journey, and I’m navigating it with a smile, blending family, nature, and professional growth.