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Group KAP

Great Salt Lake Wellness is thrilled to announce we are putting on weekly group sessions for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in our Kaysville office.

What is Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)?


Many Utahns struggle with depression, anxiety, and unresolved trauma that impact them in their relationships and functioning. Ketamine is a prescription medication which, combined with psychotherapy, can be powerful in getting through the issues that keep you stuck in the past, or make it difficult to move forward in a healthier way.

When utilized in a group setting, the KAP can be even more robust treatment, as so many people feel isolated in their struggles and fear talking about their issues around others outside the medical setting. Group KAP affords the opportunity for individuals to not only benefit from the medicine and the psychotherapy, but also the connection they inevitably make with the other individuals in their therapist-run group.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a widely used, FDA approved medication. It has been classically used as a dissociative anesthetic, meaning that it’s used in for general anesthesia and dental surgeries. In 2019, the FDA approved a certain type of ketamine for treatment resistant depression. Ketamine can be ingested orally, by sucking on lozenges, which is how we administer it at GSLW. It can also be infused, injected IM, or sprayed via a nasal spray. Ketamine is a very safe medication. There are a few contraindications for ketamine, so talk to your provider to find out if you are eligible
We have discovered that Ketamine has a rapid anti-depressant effect and helps treat anxiety and PTSD. It also provides rapid relief of suicidal thoughts and is increasingly used in Emergency Departments across the nation for suicidality.

You can safely take Ketamine while on other antidepressant medications and other psychotropics, which makes is advantageous to many people with mental health concerns who do not want to come off their psychotropic medications. The half life of Ketamine is short, so it can also be a safe treatment for breastfeed mothers who are struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety.

What are the details/logistics of attending group KAP?


If you’re wondering if ketamine might be a good option for you, you can speak with your Great Salt Lake Wellness provider about it. Or, if you’re not already a patient of Great Salt Lake Wellness, you can get in touch with us and schedule an evaluation with one of our KAP providers. We will determine your appropriateness from a mental health perspective, and then will get you scheduled with a prescriber for a medical evaluation and to prescribe the ketamine lozenges to you. Ketamine can help you see your life experiences and traumas from a different perspective, and can help you to wholeheartedly believe the affirmations or the healthier adaptive beliefs you’ve been working on in your individual therapy.

Group KAP is set up in our yoga room at the Kaysville office. Everyone will set up a spot on a yoga mat with yoga props for the entirety of the three-hour group. The KAP-trained psychologist/therapist will be present the entire session to monitor participants and offer assistance if anyone needs to stand up and use the restroom.

Integration session:

Lifestyle factors during KAP


research shows more robust outcomes in those who also make lifestyle improvements during their ketamine treatment.
Lifestyle recommendations include:

daily exercise

getting outside daily

grounding in nature

sun gazing



clean eating (anti-inflammatory type diet) low in processed foods

ample water intake

engagement in healthy social relationships

decrease in situational stressors/responsibilities during the active phase of ketamine treatment

journaling/reflecting upon experiences

What does the entire course of treatment look like with KAP?

As a KAP client, you will have 2-3 preparation/intake sessions with their KAP therapist prior to engaging in any medicine sessions.

Then you’ll have six KAP sessions and six integration sessions for six weeks (one medicine session and one integration session per week following your prep-sessions). You might think this sounds like a LOT OF sessions and a big commitment. IT IS a lot and IT IS a big commitment.

KAP is not for everyone! KAP is for people who have been working hard in their mental health journeys and are still feeling stuck in depression or anxiety. It is for treatment resistant depression and anxiety.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

KAP is for people who are willing to put forth a big effort in a short period of time to get feeling better. The efficacy rates are 60% and above and most people are finding great improvement in their mental health symptoms and are able to function at a much higher level. It is possible that you will need “booster” KAP sessions every few months to maintain your benefits, so you will work out a plan with your provider to address your needs.

*Prep sessions and integration sessions may be billed to insurance if your provider is in network with your insurance and you meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis.

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Ketamine Explained

Clinical Psychologist and owner of Great Salt Lake Wellness, Dr. Emily Bullock, describes how she first started to study the powerful effects of Ketamine and how she’s incorporated it into her practice. She describes the different types of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, or KAP for short, she uses in her clinic. 

Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you might have!