Emily Bullock, Psy.D, CYP-500

– Clinical Psychologist
– Practice Founder & Owner

Over the course of my 19 year career working in the behavioral health field, I have transitioned from being a strict cognitive behavioral therapist, to working from a trauma informed, polyvagal theory based approach to treating a variety of conditions with somatic therapies (mindfulness, yoga, somatic processing) and exposure therapy. I have also started utilizing both Internal Family Systems, EMDR, and psychotherapy integration of psychedelic medicines in 2021. I provide individual and group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

I specialize in treating complex trauma. I treat adults only- in individual and group therapy.  I am passionate about assisting individuals through the change process, helping my patients achieve their goals, and understanding problems and difficulties while affirming individual differences, race, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

I’m proud to be a United States Air Force Veteran and love working with the military (and family) population! I reside in Davis County with my two elementary aged children and golden doodle pup.  I’m an avid runner and yogi and love being outside and enjoying the sunshine!

Previous Experience:

– Residential treatment centers and inpatient hospital units specializing in eating disorders and self-injury.

– Psychological testing with seriously mentally ill patients

– College counseling center- psychotherapy

– Doctoral internship – United States Air Force (USAF). Outpatient mental health, clinical health psychology, and neuropsychological testing.

– Active Duty psychologist with the USAF from 2008-2013. Gained extensive experience treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, weight management issues, and sleep disorders.

– Private practitioner since 2013.

– Began incorporating clinical yoga in my practice with individual patients and groups in 2019.

-Began incorporating Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in my practice with individual patients and groups in 2022.


– B.S. 2003- Psychology. Utah State University.

– M.A. 2007, Psy.D. 2009- Clinical Psychology. Illinois School of Professional Psychology

– CYP-500, 2019- 500-hour Level Yoga Practitioner Training. Clinical Yoga Institute.

Licensure: Utah license awarded by DOPL in 2010.  Psychologist. License Number: 7510289-2501


Paige Davis, LCSW

– Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I believe that every journey is unique and important. I have learned that everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Currently I work with people from all walks of life helping them own their story, recover from past trauma and move toward a bright future. I provide tools necessary to cope with what life brings, recover from their past stories, and create a new future where they are able to thrive. Everyone has a story and I love being part of my client’s journeys.

I reside in Davis County with my husband of 21 years, our three boys and our golden doodle, Charlie.  I love to be outdoors boating, skiing, hiking and biking.  We also love to travel and visit new places around the globe!

Specialties: trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders.

Modalities: EMDR, Trauma Focused CBT (TF-CBT), motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy.

Populations:  Pre-teens, teens, and adults. Individual therapy, group therapy (Body Image Group), relationship therapy and family therapy.

Previous Experience:

– Advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence at Safe Harbor Womens/children shelter.

– Counselor at Mountain High Alternative High School

– Private practitioner since 2019

– Group therapist- body image group

– B.S. 2003- Business. University of Utah

– M.S.W. 2020- Social Work Utah State

Licensure: Utah license awarded by DOPL in 2020.  Licensed Certified Social Worker. License Number 11923842-3502

Hailey Ransley, CSW

– Certified Social Worker

My therapeutic style provides an open and compassionate space for teens, adults, couples and families to unpack difficult emotions and thoughts with the goal of providing some helpful tools to process grief/trauma, manage symptoms, build confidence and repair relationships with self and others. Therapy is hard. Be proud of yourself for initiating this difficult step to your healing process.

You can call me somewhat of a DBT nerd. Learning new patterns of thinking and communication styles can be overwhelming and difficult. That is why I am passionate about teaching skills to individuals that are both practical and realistic; such as emotional regulation, distress tolerance, healthy interpersonal relationships and assertive communication.

Specialties: Treating/supporting those with self-esteem goals, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, family conflict, personality disorders, autism, intellectual impairments, and grief and loss.

Modalities: DBT, CBT, systems, Gottman couple therapy. In training for EMDR and psychotherapy integration of psychedelic medicines (2021-2022)

Populations: Teens and adults. Individual therapy, group therapy (Teen DBT group), relationship therapy and family therapy.

Previous Experience:

– Clinical support staff at a residential treatment center for adolescents with mental health, substance and behavioral struggles

– Lead therapist at the Girls Transition center at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric institute providing individual and family therapy for adolescent females and their parents.

– Therapy for inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute

– Coaching job

– Private Practitioner starting in 2021

– B.S. 2015- Health Education and Promotion.  Utah State University.

– M.S.W. 2020- Social Work. University of Utah.

Licensure: Utah license awarded by DOPL in 2020.  Licensed Certified Social Worker. License Number 11813063-3502

Jeanne Foster, LCSW

– Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I believe that personal responsibility is the key to progress and that therapy can provide a safe space for people to be able to process their experiences, share their vulnerabilities, find meaning, and develop skills to nurture resiliency that will enhance their quality of life. It takes courage to begin one’s journey of personal recovery, and I appreciate the efforts of every client who walks through my door.

After 15 years of adventures across the globe as a military spouse, I settled in Davis County with my husband of 21 years and our two children. I love traveling with my husband, kids, and dogs. My favorite pastimes include recreating recipes for dishes we have discovered on our travels and chatting with friends over a freshly brewed pot of tea.

Specialties: depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship distress, and sleep issues

Modalities: EMDR, KAP, ACT, CBT, CBT-I, Mindfulness

Populations: Adults, relationship therapy

Previous Experience:

– Emergency Department Social Work services

– Outpatient Psychotherapy provider at Salt Lake City’s George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs

– Private Practitioner since 2020

– B.S. 2004- Social Science. University of Wyoming

-M.S.W. 2020- Social Work, Utah State University

Licensure: Utah License awarded by DOPL in 2022: Licensed Clinical Social Worker. License number: 11777958-3501

Jaclyn Randolph, CSW

– Certified Social Worker


I am consistently inspired by the incredible capability of the human mind to engage in the healing process.  I firmly believe that we all have the ability to access deep reservoirs of resiliency within ourselves and I feel fortunate to support individuals on that journey.

I reside in Davis County with my husband and our four children. I love planning family road trips, spending time in the mountains, and talking about anything related to Idaho.

Specialties: trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, addiction, grief, life transitions, mood disorders, bi-polar disorder, and relationship issues.

Modalities: EMDR, KAP, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness.

Populations: Adults, adolescents, children

Previous Experience:

– Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist, community mental health agency, Idaho.

– Social Work- assisting teenagers and young adults access state resources to complete education and training with the State of Utah.

– Provided individual therapy to students, created curriculum for group therapy classes, and co-facilitated empowerment groups and expressive art classes at an alternative high school, Utah.

– Provided Intensive Outpatient Program services to include co-facilitating group treatment sessions, individual therapy, and psychoeducation for groups at an Alcohol and Chemical Treatment Center, Utah.

– Private Practitioner since 2021

– B.S. 2005- Psychology. Weber State University

– M.S.W. 2020- Social Work, University of Utah

Licensure: Utah license awarded by DOPL in 2021: Certified Social Worker. License number: 12084444-3502


Brielle Andrews

– Office Administrator


– Service Dog in Training


Coconut was born February, 2020 in Bountiful, Utah. Coconut has received residential dog training and service-dog specific training in Ogden, Ut. Coconut is very sweet and emotionally attuned/responsive to others. Coconut loves going to work at the office, playing at the dog park, and wrestling at home with his human family!

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