Psychotherapy Services in Utah



Great Salt Lake Wellness accepts cash pay, clergy pay, and is empaneled on a number of insurance panels. Please contact us to check the availability of the providers and see their current cash pay rates and to see which insurance they are currently accepting.

Great Salt Lake Wellness uses the credit card processing company called NMI. Follow the link below to add your credit card to our NMI system so that the practice manager or billing specialist can run your credit card once you are invoiced through Simple Practice (or Electronic Health Record system).

*Please note- include the name of the PATIENT (not the parent or responsible billing party) when you include your credit card info in the NMI link.

Insurance Panels

The following is a list of all insurance companies Dr. Emily Bullock is empaneled with.

Not all providers in the clinic are able to bill all insurance companies listed, so please check with our office as you are scheduling to ensure the provider you hope to work with can bill your insurance.

For Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, your provider may be able to bill your insurance for the preparatory sessions and the one-hour integration sessions, but the three-hour KAP medicine session must be paid out of pocket. Please reach out to the office to ask about rates, as we have different rates based on the provider and whether the KAP session is individual or group.

Great Salt Lake Wellness Panels:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • DMBA
  • GEHA
  • Medicare
  • Optum
  • PEHP
  • Select Health
  • University of Utah Health Plans
  • Tricare
  • Triwest (Veteran’s Administration)
  • United Healthcare