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Family Therapy

Family therapy, also known as family counseling, is a type of therapy that focuses on:

Family therapy typically involves multiple family members attending therapy sessions together, although individual sessions may also be included.

Benefits of Family therapy



The goal of family therapy is to identify and address issues that may be impacting the functioning and well-being of the family as a whole. These issues can include conflicts between family members, communication difficulties, parenting challenges, life transitions, and mental health concerns.


Family therapy can offer a range of benefits for families struggling with a variety of issues. Improved communication can help family members express themselves in a healthier, more productive way. Family therapy can also help families address conflicts and disagreements and work towards resolving them in a constructive way. An increased understanding can help families better understand each other’s perspectives and feelings. This can lead to greater empathy and compassion.


Family therapy is intended to strengthen the bond and create a more cohesive, supportive family unit. Learning problem solving skills in family therapy can help develop problem solving-skills that can be applied to a range of challenges, both within the family and in other areas of life.


Additionally, family therapy can improve a family’s mental health concerns around depression, anxiety, and other disorders that can help family members learn how to manage the symptoms more effectively. Lastly, family therapy can help address issues related to parenting, child behavior problems, and family transitions such as divorce or remarriage.
Overall family therapy should provide your family unit with the tools and strategies they need to overcome challenges and build stronger, healthier relationships.

Which type of therapy is best for your family?

Different types of family therapy can be effective in improving emotional well-being and relationships within the family, but the specific approach will depend on the needs and concerns of the family. It’s important to work with a therapist who is trained and experienced in the type of therapy that best fits your family’s needs.

Remember, finding the right therapist can take time and effort, but it’s worth it to find someone who can help you and your family through your issues and improve your family unit.
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