Psychotherapy Services in Utah

New Patient

If you are interested in becoming a new patient at Great Salt Lake Wellness, you can reach out to us three ways:
  • 1)

    Call our Practice Manager at 801-844-1615.
  • 2)

    Fill out the contact us form on the website and the Practice Manager will call you.
  • 3)

    Schedule a free 15 min consultation through the website to get a specific time scheduled with our Practice Manager.
The practice manager will talk with you about your specific situation and needs and will recommend the best therapist for your situation, based on your insurance and location preferences.

Once you decide on a therapist and date/time for your first appointment, the Practice Manager will explain the specific payment procedures, info for your first appointment, and will email you the paperwork to complete electronically through the client portal. You will need to fill out all your paperwork and upload your credit card information 48 hrs prior to your first appointment, or your appointment will be canceled.