Psychotherapy Services in Utah

Rachelle Galvez

Virtual Assistant

I am Rachelle Galvez. Back in 2012, I earned my Nursing degree and began my career as a staff nurse in a hospital in the Philippines. Fast forward to 2020, I made the switch to become a virtual assistant. It’s been an exciting journey, leveraging my nursing background to excel in this new role.


Outside of work, I’m happily married and blessed with three amazing kids. Family time is precious to me, and I often find myself in the kitchen, whipping up delicious meals and treats for my loved ones. Whenever we have the chance, we love to escape to the beach for some camping adventures, soaking in the beauty of nature together.


In all aspects of my life, whether it’s tending to patients, managing tasks remotely, or creating memories with my family, I strive to give my best and approach each day with enthusiasm and dedication.